Towering prospects


Entrepreneurs aiming for success need to drive their companies higher than their competitors. Moving into Zagrebtower makes this easy to achieve. Zagrebtower is an impressive 79m high building and one of the tallest in Zagreb. The view from any one of the offices spans the entire city and also provides a vantage point over your competitors.

An office in Zagrebtower offers more than just a good view of the city. It is an excellent place to expand your business. Zagrebtower is a “Class A” office building that offers everything a business needs to thrive including high European standards, superior quality, excellent efficiency, great flexibility and, of course, a prime location in the centre of Zagreb’s rapidly growing business district.

  • 25.900 square metres of office space (minimum 150 square metres)
  • Bright façade design ensuring plenty of natural light
  • Thermally efficient double glazed window panes offering a panoramic view of the city
  • Main entrance with revolving doors
  • Highly efficient space utilization
  • Flexible office space layout (open-plan offices or separations)
  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings
  • Modern fire detection, alarm and security system
  • Sufficient number of elevators in each building (6 in the Tower, 3 in the side wing)
  • Electronic card access
  • 24 hour surveillance and Closed Circuit TV system
  • Remote controlled cooling and heating system
  • Separate power supply metres (per tenant)
  • Low cost electrical power supply
  • Central reception
  • Underground and external parking area (a total of 500 parking spaces)